The first play of a writer is not unlike his creation of the world. Already, it holds the personal essence of the dramatist: colors, language, characters.

The five teenagers of Zone, one day, found themselves through me. They were the best I could do at that stage in my life. They remain today the key characters, the primal images of a world I can’t stop exploring.

This project is the screen adaptation of Zone, a play by Marcel Dubé, directed by Jean-Pierre Avoine.

Zone was first performed on stage in Montreal in 1953. It is the play that launched the career of celebrated playwright Marcel Dubé. Still today, Zone is the most read play in Quebec. It is studied in schools and regularly performed on both amateur and professional stages.

The story of Zone ’s characters speaks of the incredible resilience of people, who still have hope despite the eradication of their dreams. With its universal themes and relatable characters, Zone is as relevant today as it was 60 years ago.