In a maze of urban alleys with seemingly no way out, a group of young men who call themselves the Saints spend their days playing trivial games. One afternoon, Fred, their leader, confides in his right-hand man, Robert, that he plans to leave town. A better life awaits him “on the other side of the wall.”

The Saints gather together to say their goodbyes. Fred tells them not to worry, he’s putting the capable Robert in charge and nothing will change after he is gone. For Robert, his friend’s departure is the epitome of courage. A heroic act. He watches Fred scale the alley wall and disappear from their lives.

Later that night, however, Fred makes a surprise return. The young man is battered and bruised, and disillusioned with the hostile outside world. Robert doesn’t understand Fred’s about-face, nor does he accept weakness. In fact, he now sees an imposter who must be dealt with.