Although he has just moved out on her, Jay is still in love with his girlfriend Jennifer. But Jay is at a crossroads in his life. On a quest for higher meaning, he spends most of his days in solitude, meditating in his new but empty apartment. Enter a man with a briefcase, perhaps a salesman. He tries relentlessly to convince Jay to examine the contents of his briefcase.  Jay claims that he does not need anything nor is he interested in what any salesman has to offer.

But when Jay realizes that this unlikely messenger may have been sent to answer his questions, the salesman insists that the answers can only be found in the briefcase. He leaves the apartment, telling Jay to keep the briefcase. Unwillingly, Jay finds himself caught between his need for introspection and his curiosity for the briefcase. His dilemma turns to torture when Jay realizes that this persistent salesman may have raised more questions than he is willing to answer.